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Buzzing with Appreciation

Story Ke Boree

We greatly appreciate Bee Buddy's efforts in promoting our events and providing us with valuable leads. Your consistent support in event promotion has been an asset to us. The leads we received were genuine and we were able to reach out to all of them. Some joined our sessions, while others joined our community .Nevertheless, we are thankful for each lead you provided. Your assistance has been instrumental, and we look forward to continued collaboration with Bee Buddy for future events.


Office Manager, Storee ki Boree
Shibanshu Manna

BeeBuddy is a wonderful platform connecting parents of young kids to enrich them with joyful experiences. We have been working with the team for the past few years. Their team is proactive and is a key channel in our lead generation activity.

Shibanshu Manna

Marketing & Communications Manager, Learning Matters by Max Learning Ventures

BeeBuddy has proven to be an amazing platform for lead generation for our school.Very prompt and cooperative team.Looking forward for a long time and fruitful professional relation with you guys

Purnima Mittal

Founder/ Director, Naughty Genius Play School and Day Care
Excelwheel - Swati Sehgal

We are so grateful for your help. I am not exaggerating when I say that you people are not just doing a great job, but you are doing a service to humanity. You have sent so many parents and students to us. A small business person like me will always be grateful. I wish to send many blessings to you from the bottom of my heart.

Swaati Sehgal

Excelwheel - Owner
WhatsApp Image 2024-06-03 at 3.11.03 PM

I have been working with BeeBuddy  team for past 1 month. BeeBuddy is a good and positive online platform which provides lead and  encouraged me to grow in my teaching career. Thanks to BeeBuddy team for your open and honest communication. Thank you for the fantastic job you do everyday.


Phonics,abacus, and handwriting teacher, M.com B.Ed
Richa Dua

I have been working with the Bee Buddy over the past few weeks and have had exceptional response from them. Their team is very proactive and has been constantly sharing it with me which has helped me quite a lot this season.I am looking forward to working with them regularly and can’t wait for exceptional growth  ahead!

Richa Dua

Founder, Skillful Minds